Speaking in Tongues

Have I ever mentioned how cool these newfangled series of tubes are sometimes?

I just found out that an essay of mine was translated into Italian, which is now the second essay I have written to be translated into a language I don’t even speak. Appropriately, a major theme of the essay was the economics of peer production, and the professor I wrote it for was actually from Italy, so perhaps it resonated strongly with the Italians.

The first was translated into Greek, which is beginning to make me wonder if it might be time for a nice trip out to the Mediterranean.

If any of my friends speak Greek or Italian, I would love to hear how these translations turned out 😉

Costruire la libertà: gli sviluppatori di software libero tra lavoro e gioco (Fabricating Freedom: Free Software Developers at Work and Play)

? ?????????? ZyprexaKills: ??????? ???????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ????????????? ???????????? (The ZyprexaKills Campaign: Peer Production and the Frontiers of Radical Pedagogy)

Libre Lungamente in Tensione!

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