Date Event Presentation
9/28/18 RebPsych 2018 The Mad Underground: A New Wave of Mad Resistance (slides)
7/21/18 HOPE XII 2018 Surveillance Psychiatry and the Mad Underground (slides)
4/18/14 #socialmediawellbeing Social Media & Psychosocial Wellbeing Friends Make the Best Medicine: Radical Mental Health & Networked Peer-Support (slides)
6/21/13 NFAIS – Digital Content: Fostering Usage Through Practical Functionalities and Policies Fostering Use: Enabling Content Sharing, Annotation, and Review (slides)
6/0/13 Left Forum, ’12 Collective Liberation and Radical Mental Health Workshop (link)
4/20/13 Extending Play: Media Studies Conference, Rutgers The Joker’s Detonators (slides)
3/28/13 Annoations @ Harvard, Annotations Convergence Fostering Use: Enabling Content Sharing, Annotation, and Review
10/21/12 Technology Education for the 21st Century: Bridging Theory and Practice. Palestinian Technical University, Kadoorie. Keynote + workshops, with Marc Phillipson
10/3/12 NYC Celebrates The Icarus Project’s 10th Anniversary, NYC Co-organizer, facilitator, and MC (event announcement)
6/13/12 New Media Consortium, Summer ’12 Teaching with Video Workshop: Featuring Mediathread
3/11/12 American U. of Cairo, Egypt Keynote: Media Analysis and Social Pedagogies (Phillipson’s Intro, Bossewitch’s presentation)
10/10/11 Mobility Shifts Teaching with Video Workshop: Featuring Mediathread
4/15/11 Columbia School of Journalism Dangerous Gifts: Strategic Disclosure and the Archive
3/24/11 Open Annotation Phase II Workshop
08/01/10 DebConf10 Pedagogical Freedom: Debian, Free Software, and Education
11/12/09 National Communications Association (NCA), Media Ecology Pediatric Bipolar and The Media of Madness (slides)
9/4/09 Collective Mutations The Media of Madness
4/25/09 Media in Transition 6 Beyond the Panopticon (Strategic Agency in the Age of Limitless Information slides)
4/18/09 The Left Forum Internet Labor: What’s so radical about free software? (presentation slides)
10/17/08 New Media in Education, 2008 Survey of Top Web 2.0 Tools for Education (presentation slides)
7/14/08 Guest Lecture, NYU Seminar Y18.0724: Web Architecture and Infrastructure
6/11/08 New Media Consortium: Summer 2008 Wiki Justice, Social Ergonomics, and Ethical Collaboration (poster)
4/17/08 Politics: Web 2.0 The ZyprexaKills Campaign (paper, slides)
2/28/08 Saskatoon Interactive Teaching in the New Vernacular: Designing Learning Environments (slides)
1/31/2008 The Future of Digital Media: Predictions For 2008: Panellist
date Popular Culture in the Classroom: Teach, Think, Play Portable Culture Machines:
date SXSW ’07 Teaching in the New Vernacular (audio)
date Threat n’ youth, Teachers College Permanent Records
date CCNMTL New Media in Education, Columbia University – Sakai, Web Services title
October 25-27, 2006 Plone Conference ’06, Seattle, WA Plone and Education Panelist, Lightning talk on yucca
August 4-6, 2006 Wikimania ’06, Cambridge, MA title
Feb 24-26, 2006 Python Conference ’06, Dallas, TX lighting talk – tasty, microapps
September 19-21 2005 Plone Conference ’05, Platonic Wikis and Subversive Social Interfaces
September 20-22, 2004 Vienna, Austria Marketing Workshop, Lightning talk on stickies
July 20-22, 2005 Plone Symposium, ’05, New Orleans Marketing Comittee
May 14-15, 2005 Social Software in the Academy Workshop, Los Angles, CA title

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